Our Clients

Mighty River Background:

Mighty River was founded by April and Joe Freddoso in July 2014 as an advise and do company in the broadband infrastructure space.

In its first five years of operation, Mighty River clients have included:

Governments and Government Regulators

–       Federal Communications Commission

–       Universal Service Administrative Company

–       State of Nevada

–       Person County, NC

–       Kerr Tar Regional Council of Governments

–       NC Rural Economic Development Center

Education Markets

–       EducationSuperHighway

–       Broward County Schools

–       Region 12 Education Service Center (TX)

–       Texas Education and Telecommunications Network (TETN)

–       The Walton Family Foundation

–       Intermediate Unit 13 (PA)

–       Intermediate Unit 20 (PA)

–       Over 1500 School Districts and Library Systems throughout the US through the FCC work

Communications Companies and Service Providers

–       Cisco Systems

–       Extreme Networks

–       Conterra Broadband Networks

–       Netsync Network Solutions

Investor Owned Utilities

–       Investor owned utilities currently under NDA

Mighty River has completed extensive work in the following areas:

State Economic Development Support:  In Alabama and Nevada, Mighty River has engaged deeply with the Broadband and Economic Development offices in both states to assist them in organizing their state broadband grant programs. Mighty River has had no role in grantmaking or allocation decisions in AL but has been deeply engaged in the process of grantmaking in NV. In both states, the existing staff lacked subject matter expertise to access, mine and interpret broadband availability data.  Mighty River assisted in bridging this gap.

Whole Community Approach:  Mighty River has developed a planning and implementation process called the Whole Community Approach.  Mighty River has implemented this approach to help over 30 rural counties and cities in different areas of the country improve their access to broadband service.  This is a structured approach that involves:

– Working with administrative (County Manager or City Manager) and elected officials to educate them on the space

– Forming a local broadband action committee

– Survey current state of residential and commercial access

– Assess and document community anchor demand and aggregate demand where practical

– Create County/Municipal Broadband Story

– Engage service providers/construction companies to gain proposals to improve access to broadband in the area

Building and marketing communications networks-Over the last 5 years Mighty River has worked collaboratively with School Districts/Library Systems and Service Providers to assist in the design, construction and marketing of fiber and/or fixed wireless Wide Area Networks for over 400 school districts and library systems in the lower 48 US States and Alaska.

This has involved over 10,000 miles of fiber builds and implementation of over two dozen wireless WANs.

This work has included assisting service providers develop and implement strategies to market excess fiber assets to customers outside the School District or Library.  This past year, Mighty River has assisted in 15 such projects in the State of Nevada including 9 County based school districts and 6 Tribal government libraries.

In 2014, Mighty River was founded by April and Joe Freddoso as an advise and do company.