Mighty River, LLC, is a female owned company that was incorporated in 2014. Mighty River, LLC is an advise and do company in the broadband technology space.

Mighty River’s principals, April and Joe Freddoso, have built fiber networks, successfully grown and operated profitable broadband companies, advised regulators, closed fiber sales and indefeasible rights to use (IRU) deals and led the operation of broadband networks that serve the broadband and Internet access needs of community anchor institutions (CAI – K-12 schools, libraries, government agencies, non-profit hospitals, public health agencies, public safety).

Some sample engagements include:

  • Advising Government agencies as they plan and implement grants for and investments in broadband infrastructure
  • Assisting private entities (for profit and non-profit) navigate the complex world of federal and state broadband subsidies and reimbursements including making application for these funds
  • Affiliating with private equity or other private investment firms as they make investments in broadband infrastructure, network equipment, above-the-net and other related companies. Assume operating and board roles as requested​
  • Assisting above-the-net service companies define and pursue their markets​
  • Assisting government and private entities that have made/are making broadband infrastructure investments realize the societal and economic return of these investments